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The diamond painting essentials: a comprehensive guide

tray filled with round pink rhinestones on a diamond painting canvas

Diamond painting, the artistic pursuit that requires a select set of tools, emerges as a craft where minimalism resonates.

With a canvas, gemstones, a receptacle, stylus, and adhesive at your disposal, you are poised to ingeniously produce a masterpiece of your fancy.

Yet, for the bona fide enthusiast of this creative venture who invests considerable hours in their artistry, it becomes evident that paramount importance is vested in the ultimate caliber of their opus.

Consequently, we embark on an exploration of the multifaceted utility intrinsic to these instruments, as well as an exposition of supplementary accouterments indispensable to the complete immersion in the realm of diamond painting.

Enumeration of implementations

We have undertaken the task of cataloging the full spectrum of paraphernalia integral to the journey of a diamond artisan.

Irrespective of whether one assumes the role of an apprentice or an adept embroiderer, the domain of diamond painting demands temporal dedication and deft manipulation.

Hence, the arsenal of augmentative implements poised to enhance your artistic pursuit is an imperative consideration.

With this contemplation in mind, we embark on an odyssey through the enchanting domain of diamond embroidery. Assuredly, enthusiasm guides our course. Onward, then!


Military green diamond painting pen

Unleash your creativity with the ultimate tool for diamond painting enthusiasts!

Our multifunctional diamond painting stylus, equipped with an array of plastic tips, empowers you to effortlessly bring your masterpieces to life.

Explore precision like never before with this versatile companion.


Which pen for diamond painting

Generally double-ended, the special diamond painting pen can be straight or curved, luminous, made of plastic or metal, with one end for catching one or more diamonds, thin, thick, with foam finger guards...

The wider the tip, the more diamonds you'll stick.

Discover the advantages of the multi-point stylus.

Very practical for large surfaces, because it makes filling them quicker and easier. On the other hand, for areas where there are fewer diamonds of the same colour, it's better to use a smaller tip.

Your installation will be easier and more precise.

There are also styli that sharpen like a pencil and catch the diamond.


Set of 2 diamond painting pliers, straight and angled, stainless steel

Elevate your diamond painting experience with our exclusive set of two precision clamps: Your pathway to crafting brilliance, meticulously designed for every detail.


Pink Green Blue

The clamp

It serves the same purpose as a stylus, albeit without adhesive.

You can employ it for the placement of one or multiple diamonds, and it proves invaluable for the removal or repositioning of said diamonds.

This tool stands particularly effective in the case of square diamonds.

It may either be straight or curved.


In the event of an erroneous placement, a clamp's assistance will prove highly advantageous for diamond extraction. However, take care not to mar the canvas!


Diamond painting wax pad

Unleash your creativity in vibrant hues with our tri-colour collection of wax tablets for diamond painting.

Choose from the serene blues, enchanting purples, and bold reds to elevate your crafting journey.


Blue Purple Red

How to use diamond painting wax

You'll need this to make embroidery in any shape, whether it's on a wax plate or in a jar.

The principle is simple: press the stylus on it and the glue will be inserted into the chosen tip. All you have to do is stick it onto the diamonds and stick them onto the canvas.


Have you run out of glue? Replace it with Patafix! You can find it in any shop, it's cheap and lasts a long time!

Don't forget to cover the tip of the stylus with cellophane when you stop embroidering; this will last for at least a week.

A thorough knowledge of accessories and tools will enable you to complete your diamond painting quickly.


Diamond painting ruler

Navigate your way to perfection in diamond painting with our precision-crafted ruler - your essential tool for creating flawless masterpieces, one sparkling gem at a time.


The rulers

There are 2 types, one for square diamonds and one for round diamonds. Approximately 20 cm depending on the model, they are ideal for laying large areas of the same colour.

Position them on the canvas, marking the relevant symbols, and all you have to do is insert the small diamonds into the holes provided.

The result is spectacular. Thanks to them, the diamonds are impeccable!

Find out how to make the perfect diamond art kit.


Diamond painting storage tray

Elevate your diamond painting process to new levels of organization and efficiency with our meticulously designed sorting tray.

Streamline your creativity as you arrange and conquer each dazzling gem with ease.


Storage tray

Diamond painting trays

There are several sizes available, and they all have grooves that allow the diamonds to be separated and aligned for easy catching.

Once you've poured the diamond into the tray, you shake it gently and they'll produce themselves!

Those with pouring spouts are very practical for emptying diamonds that are no longer in use and putting them back in the box or bag.

Large trays are useful when a large surface needs to be covered in a single colour, as you need lots of diamonds.

Good to know:

Some diamonds stick together. So pour the diamonds of each colour one by one into the cups and press lightly from right to left with the back of a second cup or a large silicone spoon.

This will loosen them and get them working.

Discover tips for using your diamond embroidery trays.

rouleau-diamond-painting (1)
rouleau-diamond-painting (2)
rouleau-diamond-painting (3)
rouleau-diamond-painting (4)

Applicator roller for diamond painting

Roll out a world of brilliance with our diamond painting roller. Smooth out your creative journey as you bring every sparkling gem to life, ensuring a masterpiece that's as polished as it is captivating.


The roller

This very practical tool is used to ensure that the diamonds adhere well to the canvas.

Once the embroidery is finished, place it on a flat surface with a protective cloth over it to avoid damaging the diamonds, and pass the diamond painting roller over the entire surface, applying gentle pressure.

No more nasty surprises with diamonds!

Tips :

No special rollers for diamond painting? Don't worry, a rolling pin will always do the trick!

Find out how to flatten your canvas properly.


Diamond painting corrector

Perfect your precision with our diamond painting alignment corrector. Say goodbye to misplaced gems and hello to a flawless masterpiece, as every sparkly piece finds its rightful place with ease.


The pusher

The pusher is used to align the diamonds on the canvas. In fact, some of them are crooked, and the rows or columns are not perfectly straight.

The pusher should be pressed against the row or column in question and pushed with gentle pressure.

The result is guaranteed: the rhinestones take their place and the embroidery is perfectly aligned.

There is also a pusher tip that fits certain styli.


Washi tapes for diamond painting

Unleash your imagination with our diamond painting washi tape rolls. Seamlessly combine creativity and precision as you craft with confidence, securing each gem in its place with the vibrant charm of washi tape



The washi tape

When you remove the protective paper, there is a sticky part that sticks out of the fabric and can get in the way when embroidering. The trick is to stick adhesive tape around the fabric to cover this sticky part.

The trick is to stick adhesive tape around the fabric to cover this sticky area. This will make embroidery more comfortable and prevent dust from sticking to it.


You can buy special rolls of embroidery material such as washi tape, but an ordinary roll of adhesive tape will do.

Illuminate every intricate detail of your diamond painting masterpiece with our magnifying lamp. Let precision and clarity unite as you bring each dazzling gem to life, all while crafting comfortably in a world of enhanced vision.


The magnifying glass

This can be useful, as diamonds are small and the eyes can tire quickly over large surfaces.

There are different types:

  • with a stand, which you place on the surface you are working on

  • that pinch

  • that hooks onto the stylus

  • in the shape of glasses or helmets


In short, you've got it, depending on your needs, you'll easily find the one that suits you best.

Using a lamp can help you avoid certain diamond art mistakes.


A4 Light tablet - Diamond painting

Elevate your diamond painting experience with our luminous light tablet. Unveil a world of intricate details as you effortlessly place each sparkling gem, all illuminated by the perfect balance of clarity and creativity.


LED light shelves

The rhinestones are small and stuck together, and it's not always easy to get a good view.

Once it starts to darken, when you've been working on the embroidery for hours... it's not always easy on the eyes!

A lightweight light shelf provides better visibility of the fabric. Thanks to it, diamond placement is clear and precise without frowning or pulling your eyes!

Light tablets are often available in several formats:

  • A5 measuring 14.8 x 21 cm

  • A4 measuring 21 x 29.7 cm

  • A3 measuring 29.7 x 42 cm

Which light tablet for diamond art should I choose?

If you're used to creating small canvases, choose an A4 or A5 size, and if you like large canvases (XXL), an A3 size.

The light intensity can be adjusted to suit everyone. They have clips to hold your artwork in place.

You can also use the tablet holder for added comfort with embossed embroidery.

There are also carry bags so you can take your favourite hobby with you wherever you go.

Need more information? Discover the advantages of using a light pad for diamond painting.


Flower case for diamond painting

Organize, protect, and carry your diamond painting treasures with our deluxe storage case. Elevate your crafting journey with ease and style, as every gem finds its place within this meticulously designed masterpiece of organization.



Boxes and other utensils

Once the little bags of diamonds have been opened, it's not easy to handle them without losing some!

You can store them in a ziplock bag with your colour number on the label so you don't get confused, or you can store them in small round boxes, square boxes, tubes - there's a whole range of sizes!

These same boxes can be stored in a small soft or hard case to keep them with your stylus, glue, pliers... perfect for weekends or holidays.

You can also use :

  • a funnel to hold these mini boxes into which you can easily pour the diamonds

  • self-adhesive labels to indicate the colour reference on each box

  • a small box to separate glued diamonds

Now you know everything you need to know about the process of creating a diamond art kit.

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