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How to accelerate your diamond painting process

quick creation of a diamond array

Perhaps weeks, even months – this is how long you've spent completing your largest diamond embroidery canvas, isn't it?

When you see people in certain Facebook groups finishing their diamond paintings in under 2 weeks, you might wonder how they've managed it!

You, too, probably wish to increase your cruising speed!

For you, here are the finest tips to progress more swiftly in your diamond painting practice.

1. Set up a dedicated space

Many diamond embroidery enthusiasts lack a dedicated place for their diamond painting passion; be aware that scattering your accessories will likely be a waste of time.

If you don't settle down comfortably, you risk foolishly misplacing diamonds.

2. Maintain focus

Roll up your sleeves to prevent them from sticking to the canvas, tie your hair if it's long, and cut out all distractions (smartphone, TV, etc.).

workspace dedicated to diamond painting

3. Well-lit environment

Choose a desk lamp to work serenely on your canvas; placing the diamond in the wrong direction can lead to wasting precious time in removing and properly placing them.

4. Working Atmosphere

Stay calm, curate a playlist of your favorite music – time will fly by, and it will guide you through creating your favorite diamond painting.

This will help you avoid the mistakes inherent in diamond painting.

Diamond art kit promotion

5. Organize your diamonds

An essential step is to organize your diamonds. All diamond embroidery enthusiasts who have completed multiple canvases know that having a box to store diamonds is indispensable.

This essential accessory will keep you perfectly organized and prevent you from losing or discarding your precious beads.

6. Keep your diamonds handy

A very simple tip to make your life easier: keep your diamond container as close to your arm as possible while working.

If it's too far away, you'll spend more time moving your arms between the platform and the canvas, wasting time and effort.

The Lartera diamond embroidery shop consistently offers you an extra 30% of rhinestones to cover any unfortunate losses, so you can always create your own diamond painting.

Do you want to create perfect works? Find out where to start your diamond painting.


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7. Use an appropriate stylus

Use a stylus to place your diamonds; with a regular pen, you can only glue one diamond at a time. Beginners might find this normal, but if you want to progress, it's a waste of time.

Diamond painting pros use a specific stylus that is 3 times faster.

Note that this type of diamond painting stylus is available in the diamond painting kits offered by Lartera.

Diamond painting accessories can greatly enhance your experience.


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8. Large diamond container

Is your sorting tray running out quickly while you're working on your canvas? So you have to stop for a moment to reload it... you naturally waste time.

A large storage tray will inevitably save you this time loss.

You'll only need to pour your rhinestones into the tray several times, and you'll definitely speed up your project.

Apply these tips and save time!

Use these valuable tips to advance more quickly in your diamond painting kit designs, but keep in mind that diamond painting is still a creative hobby that takes time.

Keep in mind that it's impossible to stick thousands of diamond drills in a few hours.

Be patient and apply these helpful tips to progress faster and enjoy the fruits of your meticulous work.

Discover how the process of creating a diamond painting unfolds.

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