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How to master the multi-placer technique

a multi purpose pink pen from diamond painting

Have you ever pondered how they manage to complete their extensive canvas in just a few weeks while you spend several months on yours?

Are you frustrated by the sluggish pace of your ongoing work and now seeking something to expedite the process?

The multi-placer, a highly favored component among diamond painters, functions exquisitely in this regard, elevating your work pace to a higher echelon.

However, we recognize that many among you are unsure of the correct usage of this tool.

In this article, we will elucidate the process of employing the multi-placer, ensuring that your diamond painting skills take a new stride with these modest yet invaluable tips.

What is the multi-placer?

For those venturing into diamond painting, this question invariably arises upon first encountering the term, does it not?

Allow me to provide a brief explanation: the multi-placer is a modest attachment affixed to your diamond painting pen, designed to adhere multiple diamond drills and apply them to your canvas simultaneously.

There are various iterations of multi-placers: the 3, 6, 9, and even 15. The greater the number, the more diamond drills you can affix.

Commence with the fundamental multi-placer

Utilizing the 15-multi-placer to affix 15 diamond drills onto your canvas concurrently is indeed remarkable!

Nevertheless, if this is your maiden venture into using this instrument, we recommend commencing with the most rudimentary option: the 3-multi-placer.

Applying numerous drills at once necessitates meticulous precision in their alignment. In this regard, the 3-multi-placer offers greater control than its more voluminous counterparts.

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Military green diamond painting pen

Enhance your diamond painting with our multi-placer pen – simplify gem placement!


Employ the multi-placer for extensive and dark-colored sections

Refrain from using a multi-placer for confetti sections, as its efficacy is best showcased on large sections of the same hue.

Continually switching colors while utilizing the multi-placer can lead to subpar outcomes. Hence, before embracing diamond painting with a multi-placer, ensure your chosen pattern contains minimal confetti sections.

Additionally, seasoned diamond painters favor the multi-placer for transitioning from darker to lighter hues.

Darker shades tend to exhibit fewer flaws and imperfections associated with multiple placements.

For lighter shades like pink, white, beige, etc., we advocate employing a checkerboard pattern for superior results.

Employ a spacious tray

Experts routinely advocate the use of a spacious tray to ensure uninterrupted progress during your work. This advice particularly holds true for diamond embroiderers employing the multi-placer technique.

The primary purpose behind adopting a multi-placer is to expedite your pace, and surely you do not wish to squander time halting your work to refill beads into a small tray.

Moreover, a larger tray facilitates aligning your beads with greater ease, a crucial advantage when employing the multi-placer to pick up multiple beads simultaneously.

If you are in search of such an accessory, consider the merits of this sizable tray. Measuring 24.5 x 14.5 cm, it boasts dimensions twice that of a standard small tray, rendering it an undeniably useful aid!

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Invest in high-quality diamond painting kits

Price perpetually remains a decisive factor that influences our choices, yet the adage "you get what you pay for" holds true.

Budget kits often fail to deliver high quality, frequently accompanying tales of damaged packaging and creased canvases. Not to mention, poor-quality beads frequently plague these kits.

Diamond painters consistently lament the irregularity of beads found in budget kits. The inconsistent sizes among these beads hamper the progress of painters who have not procured their canvases from Lartera.

Allocate your funds toward a high-quality diamond painting kit that is worth every penny!

At Lartera, we consistently provide casting glue, soft canvases, premium beads, and an inclusive toolkit catering to your every diamond painting need.

Devote your creative time to your craft and anticipate your results, unburdened by concerns of quality!

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