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How to utilize a diamond painting ruler?

using a ruler to align the diamonds

Are you an enthusiast of diamond embroidery, yet aspire to refine your creations? Fret not; the application of a ruler can indeed make a discernible difference.

Within this article, we shall guide you through the steps of effectively utilizing a diamond embroidery ruler, thereby attaining impeccable outcomes.

Prepare to bestow precision and ease upon your artistic endeavors!

Why the necessity of a ruler?

When concerning diamond embroidery, maintaining impeccable alignment of your gemstones can manifest as a challenge. This is precisely where a ruler steps in, substantially enhancing your diamond painting experience.

Through the employment of this invaluable tool, intricate works can be fashioned with precision, interstices amid gemstones averted, all the while economizing valuable time.

This tool will give you the greatest satisfaction if you use it with a light pad.


Diamond painting ruler

Elevate your diamond painting mastery with our refined diamond art ruler, adding a touch of precision to your artistic journey.


How does it operate?

A ruler is endowed with perforations that correspond to the numbered indicators of the gemstones on the canvas. The apertures within the ruler facilitate the segregation of gemstones whilst maintaining their stability.

Upon completion of the section upon which you have labored, you may simply detach the stainless steel ruler and proceed to the subsequent portion.

Two variants of the ruler exist, one tailored for round gemstones and another for square ones.

A ruler is a perfect alternative for people who use multi-purpose pens.

Usage guidelines of a diamond paint ruler

Step 1: Preliminary Arrangements

Before initiation, ensure possession of a ruler attuned to your gemstone type (round or square). Delicately position the ruler upon the canvas, aligning the ruler's lines with those upon the canvas.

alignment with a ruler

Step 2: Rhinestone placement

Employ a gemstone applicator to position the gemstones within the corresponding perforations of the ruler.

If employing a circular ruler, each aperture shall be independently demarcated, whereas a square ruler bears a central demarcation line to guide placement.

Saturate each cavity, adhering to the color-coded symbols, until the segment is wholly enrobed.

using a ruler for round diamonds

Step 3: Rhinestone affixation

Upon completion of the segment, employ an applicator roller or a bottle to gently traverse the finished region.

This action assists in affixing the gemstones in place. Caution should be exercised to avoid excessive force, which might imperil the integrity of the gemstones.

Additionally, a gentle pressure upon each gemstone ensures its secure positioning.


Caution against excessive force to avert gemstone breakage is warranted. A gentle pressure upon the gemstone also assures its secure placement.

Discover the benefits of using a roller applicator.

using an applicator roller for round diamonds

Step 4: Ruler removal

With a delicate touch, progressively elevate the ruler from the canvas. Vigilance is advised against potential cuts from the razor-sharp edges of the meshed ruler.

Should your ruler acquire a slight bend post prolonged usage, invert it and place it beneath a stack of books or weighty objects for a day, thus restoring its original flat form.

Don't forget to bring a set of sorting trays so you can go even faster.

remove the ruler after use

Further beneficial counsels

To preempt dust and debris, utilize a damp paper towel to wipe the diamond embroidery ruler after each application. This practice eradicates glue remnants and any stray animal hairs that might adhere.

For the preservation of the ruler's condition, desist from folding it along its meshed edges, which might exhibit sharpness. Manipulate it with circumspection.

If your diamond art ruler loses its flatness, inverting it under a stack of books or heavy objects for a day can assist in its restoration. This shall reinstate its original flat configuration.

The utilization of a diamond painting ruler is a modest yet efficacious means to heighten the precision of your creations.

By adhering to these uncomplicated steps, you shall achieve flawless alignment of your gemstones, eschewing undesired gaps and securing exquisite outcomes.

Don't underestimate the power of practical diamond painting tools.

Bask in every moment of your artistic journey and craft resplendent artworks that shall captivate admirers!

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