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How to achieve flawlessly adhered gems in your diamond painting

applicator roller

We frequently encounter this query: How can I prevent my diamond embroidery gems from rebounding or dislodging?

If you find yourself pondering this question, we shall unravel the solution for you, commencing today.

We have recently introduced an applicator roller to our array of diamond painting tools. With this roller, you can adeptly smooth the stones after positioning them on a surface.

First and foremost, when procuring a diamond painting kit from Lartera, your likelihood of overlooking diamonds diminishes.

Our premium-grade 5D complete kits have already garnered the satisfaction of numerous clients.

Practices to uphold pristine canvas

  • Ensure the absence of protrusions beneath the canvas.

  • Hold the fabric within your grasp.

  • Securely grip the diamond painting roller and gently glide it over the laid gemstones.

  • Reiterate this process multiple times.

  • Subsequently, reapply the protective film onto the gems.

  • Retract the roller and envelop the protective film.

  • Leave the protective film atop the gemstones. This procedure optimally safeguards the diamond painting.

Introduce yourself to the tool that shall enable the seamless refinement of your diamond creations.

rouleau-diamond-painting (1)
rouleau-diamond-painting (2)
rouleau-diamond-painting (3)
rouleau-diamond-painting (4)

Applicator roller for diamond painting

Elevate your creations to unparalleled refinement with our diamond painting roller


Preserving and safeguarding the diamond canvas? What about taking it on a vacation?

Should you wish to prolong the lifespan of your diamond canvas, it is judicious to assimilate these recommendations.

By doing so, you ensure the preservation and splendid condition of your diamond painting.

Immaculately safeguarding the adhesive layer is of paramount importance.

Guarantee that no particulate matter or extraneous filth infiltrates. Consequently, the adhesive layer's adherence shall remain unhindered.

The adhesive layer plays a pivotal role in your diamond puzzle; if it becomes soiled, the gems may no longer adhere.

Upon placing the gems, rolling them diligently with a diamond roller.

You can securely store your diamond painting. It is advisable to ascertain that your diamond embroidery is positioned on an even plane.

You can incorporate weightier objects atop it. However, should you intend to transport the diamond painting during your vacations, refraining from rolling it is more prudent.

It is inadvisable for your diamond painting if stones are already affixed.

For a perfectly created kit, discover the use of a diamond painting ruler.

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