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Proudly express your creative and free nature and represent your artwork with Lartera.

True symbols of creativity, diamond painting will allow you to assert your personality with ease!

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The brand new diamonds painting especially for you!

What is diamond painting ?

Diamond painting is a creative activity consisting in creating a table of sparkling pearls by sticking diamond rhinestones with a round or square shape of different colors on an adhesive canvas.

This creative art is in fact a clever mix between cross-stitch embroidery and paint-by-numbers to create a sparkling picture from small colored diamonds (rhinestones) from the DMC color code that must be stuck on an adhesive symbolized canvas.

You will now be able to decompress from your day by satisfying your creative spirit thanks to the complete diamond painting kits.

This creative hobby with relaxing and soothing benefits offers you the opportunity to release your stress while practicing a DIY (do it yourself) activity, in itself, it is the best DIY activity for children and adults.

Diamond art is often used by art therapy professionals.

How to use diamond painting kit

In order to create a diamond art, you must place the diamonds from your complete kit following the grid and the colors associated with the pattern to be created. Each symbol printed on the canvas corresponds to a color according to the DMC color chart.

Following the symbols, each rhinestone integrates its specific position to bring a fully formed mosaic puzzle to life.

Diamond painting is a simple activity that only requires a few steps:

  1. Choose your diamond painting kit from your favorite category and the wide choice that is available to you at Lartera
  2. Reveal a workable part on the diamond embroidery adhesive canvas by removing the protective film attached to it
  3. Open the bag of diamonds corresponding to the color you need to apply locally
  4. Use the stylus by applying wax to stick your diamond painting rhinestones
  5. Place your pearls on the stand
  6. Keep painting until you get your glittering 5D paint

It is true that the practice of this creative hobby requires time and application, but thanks to the benefits that this DIY art gives you, you will ask for more again and again!

Where to find diamond painting in the United Kingdom?

The Lartera quality diamond art DIY French store offers a wide choice of decorative diamond art kits, you will find more than 3,000 kits, among popular categories such as animals kit diamond art (cat, tiger, horse, dog, elephant, wolf, etc.), flowers, Buddha, Christmas, landscapes, tree, flowers, card, etc. !

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Medium or large format, you will find the ideal diamond painting kit!

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Order diamond paintings at low prices without further delay! Take advantage of a complete cheap diamond embroidery kit.

Showcase your finished diamond painting kit

Although your quality diamond embroideries already give you all the options to perfect your art, some external accessories can improve the quality of your favorite work of art. As soon as your painting is finished, you can finalize it properly with a roller to reinforce the adhesion of each rhinestone on your canvas.

It also makes your canvas durable. You can optionally consider adding a coat of varnish and framing it with a wooden frame once completed. You thus obtain a beautiful decorative object to display in the living room of your house, your bedroom, kitchen or any other wall of your house.

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