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What glue sealant to use for diamond painting?

canvas waiting for the opening

Once your diamond painting project is complete, your work is not entirely finished.

It is crucial to seal the diamonds!

Because yes, the small resin rhinestones can become unglued as time goes by.

The best way to avoid this is to opt for a glue sealant specially designed for diamond embroidery, thereby reinforcing the adhesion of your beads.

This type of product also allows you to seal your diamond painting canvas, imparting it with a sturdy structure and long-lasting brilliance.

Once sealed, it will be easier for you to display your masterpiece on one of your walls or store it without risking damage.

Generally, when we talk about sealing products for diamond painting, we are referring to glue sealants!

Here are some indications if you are wondering about the type of sealant to use for your diamond painting.

What is diamond painting varnish?

The varnish commonly used in diamond painting is a glue sealant. It is a product frequently employed in DIY activities, craft projects, and creative hobbies.

This type of varnish is used to glue and protect the diamonds and can be applied on untreated or treated wood, cardboard, resin, and plaster.

There are two application methods: spray or brush-on.


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What is its purpose?

In the realm of diamond embroidery, this sealant is used to keep the resin rhinestones in place, preventing them from detaching from your bead canvas once finished.

It is also used to preserve the sparkle of your diamond artwork and render it entirely waterproof.

Thanks to this varnish, you can keep your canvas intact when it's displayed on one of your walls or stored in your reserve.

How to use diamond art varnish?

To protect your finished canvas, you require specific diamond painting accessories, such as a brush-on glue sealant or a spray varnish.

When you wish to shield your diamond embroidery and give it a glossy finish, you have two options: using a brush-on glue sealant or applying a spray varnish.

Each of these methods has its advantages and specific steps.

glue varnish with a brush

Brush-on glue sealant

1. Ensure your diamond embroidery canvas is clean and free of dust. Use a slightly damp soft cloth to gently wipe the surface and remove any dirt or debris.

2. Carefully check that all rhinestones are properly affixed to the canvas. If you notice any loose rhinestones, use a diamond painting stylus to reposition them.

3. Ensure that the canvas surface is even and smooth, with no protruding rhinestones or irregular areas. This is crucial to avoid lumps when applying the varnish.

4. To hold the canvas in place, lay a soft cloth over your creation and use a special diamond embroidery roller (or a pastry roller) to lightly flatten the surface. If using a silicone pastry roller, you can use it directly without the cloth.

5. Before applying the brush-on glue sealant, thoroughly clean the diamonds and ensure they are well affixed to the canvas. Once the varnish is applied, there's nothing left to do.

6. Dip your brush into the pot of glue sealant and apply a thin layer evenly onto the canvas. Be sure to use the appropriate amount to avoid drips.

7. Begin brushing the varnish onto the diamond embroidery canvas, spreading it evenly across the entire surface. Apply generously and make sure to fill in small spaces between the rhinestones.

8. Check the uniformity of the application and, if necessary, brush again. Brush in different directions to prevent clumps and achieve a smooth finish on your diamond painting canvas.

9. Typically, the brush-on glue sealant initially appears whitish, similar to white glue, and then becomes transparent as it dries.

10. Allow the canvas to dry in a dust-free area.

It's important to note that the brush-on glue sealant is generally waterproof, and once dry, it will protect your diamond embroidery from dust and dirt.

Moreover, it will facilitate the future cleaning of your artwork, allowing your family to admire your masterpiece.

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a diamond painting canvas at the opening

Spray varnish

The spray application method offers the convenience of rolling up the diamond embroidery canvas for storage.

The spray varnish dries quickly, safeguards the diamonds from fading, and adds a transparent protective layer to your creation.

1. Ensure your diamond art canvas is free of dust and all rhinestones are properly affixed.

2. Place your canvas on a protected work surface, ensuring there is nothing valuable nearby.

3. Shake the spray varnish can thoroughly for a few minutes before use. Be sure to read the specific instructions provided with the spray varnish you are using.

4. Hold the spray varnish can about 30 cm away from the canvas and spray it evenly across the entire surface. Ensure smooth and even movements to avoid varnish buildup.

5. Allow the canvas to dry completely following the manufacturer's instructions. Generally, this takes a few hours.

6. Once dry, the spray varnish will form a transparent layer that protects the diamonds and imparts a glossy look to your diamond painting.

Be sure to take necessary precautions when applying the varnish, such as wearing protective clothing, goggles, gloves, and a mask, to ensure your safety.

Precautions for sealing your diamond painting

In general, certain precautions must be taken when handling brush-on or spray sealants.

Before starting to seal your diamond canvas, please:

  • Wear a crafting apron to protect your clothing.

  • Wear goggles to protect your eyes.

  • Choose thin crafting gloves to protect your hands.

  • Wear a crafting mask to protect your respiratory passages.

By following these steps and taking necessary precautions, you can protect and bestow a radiant finish to your diamond embroidery, preserving your artistic work for a long time.

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