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How to store finished diamond paintings?

diamond painting soon ready for storage

How should completed diamond paintings be stored? Diamond art is one of those activities that achieves multiple purposes with a single endeavor.

Indeed, through this activity, one can find inner peace and furthermore, it allows for the adornment of one's home walls.

Should you wish to embark on this journey, With Lartera you will find the pertinent information regarding the essential tools to possess.

Furthermore, since not every canvas you complete will be destined for wall display or to be gifted to friends, it is crucial that you know how to store your finished diamond paintings.

Worry not, as there are numerous options available, and you can select the one that best suits your preferences.


You may not know what to do with your diamond embroidery once it's finished, but the solution most crafstmen prefer is to frame it.

Creating a diamond canvas can take quite a long time, but framing is a completely different matter.

The process is much simpler and quicker when it comes to this method of conservation.

If you're interested in proudly hanging your artwork when it's finished, check out the diamond painting framing guide.

foam board for diamond painting

Opt for foam boards

Certain individuals opine that not every completed diamond embroidery canvas needs to be showcased, and there is nothing amiss in such a sentiment.

Often, these same individuals generously present their works to loved ones, and sometimes, they wish to safeguard their completed canvases in secure locations.

If you belong to this group, rest assured that everything is normal, and, as you are already aware, options abound for storing diamond paintings.

Precisely for securing your canvases safely without compromising their integrity or accidentally dislodging diamonds, you can opt for foam panels.

These elements constitute an uncomplicated and cost-effective means to preserve your canvases once they have reached completion.

You can utilize two flat foam boards of identical size, or even invest in a three-fold foam board to securely encase your diamond embroidery canvas.

For implementing the method of two flat foam boards, simply place your canvas on one board, then position the other board on top and employ adhesive tape to secure both pieces together.

This approach is swift and straightforward, though it does make accessing your canvases slightly more intricate.

With a foldable foam board, you can lay your canvas flat on the central large piece and subsequently fold the two sides to cover the top of the canvas.

Subsequently, you can store your sealed diamond embroidery canvases in boxes or trunks for posterity. Note that you can offer them to your loved ones later or even contemplate hanging them on your walls.

document holder for diamond painting

Store your canvases in document portfolios

Art portfolios are designed to protect delicate and potentially valuable artworks.

Therefore, if you wish to ensure the safety of your completed diamond painting canvas and do not hesitate to invest in a new item, seek out an art portfolio large enough to accommodate most of your diamond painting canvases.

Art portfolios come in various sizes and styles, so it's crucial to select those that match the formats of your canvases.

You can use a piece of foam board as a support for your diamond art canvases if you want them to easily slide into the compartments of the art portfolio and maintain a certain structure when inside the bag.

If you truly desire something personalized, you can craft your own art portfolio. Some of the simplest models are made from cardboard and adhesive tape, while more elaborate ones involve sewing and fabric.

Depending on your DIY skills and enthusiasm for creating an art portfolio, you can go all out and make something durable that you'll use for years.

Alternatively, you can simply fashion a makeshift art portfolio to assist you in temporarily storing and transporting your diamond canvases. In either case, do not forget to use foam boards to ensure the optimal security of your diamond paint canvases.

Art portfolios or art document portfolios can be stored in designated areas.

Leftover rhinestones also need to find a place to reside, find out how to store your leftover pearls.

diy diamond painting storage finished

Make your own briefcase

If your creative juices never run out, you can also make your own briefcase.

You don't need much to make one, just cardboard and adhesive tape. But if you're one of the daring and incorrigible hand-makers, sewing and fabric is also a good option.

It's up to you to decide on the quality and durability of your creation - your imagination is the only limit!

cardboard box for storing finished canvases

Beneath the mattress

This is perhaps the most budget-friendly method of storing completed diamond embroidery canvases, and it's even an option for canvases that are not yet completed.

While temporary, the constant pressure exerted on the resin diamonds keeps them in place. Ensure that the canvas is placed on a level surface, beneath your mattress, and that the mattress remains firmly in place while your artworks are stored.

How to adequately protect your diamond painting canvases?

The optimal way to store your diamond paintings is by keeping them flat, as this prevents the resin diamonds on the canvas from falling off. Thus, flat storage is the superior choice, although rolling them up is an option.

Additionally, you can use a cold iron to swiftly flatten any creases in a completed diamond embroidery canvas.

Also, it's important to shield your diamond paintings from moisture to prevent damage or deterioration. For moisture prevention, especially during extended storage periods, employ silica gel sachets.

Simply place a few sachets where you store your diamond embroidery canvases to shield them from moisture.

Ultimately, the best way to preserve and showcase your cherished diamond paintings is by framing and hanging them for everyone to see and appreciate. However, as you already know, it's perfectly fine to store them if you don't wish to display them.

With these few tips, you'll be able to store your diamond embroidery canvases in an artistic manner.

Furthermore, if you intend to travel with your canvases, an art portfolio or art document portfolio remains the optimal choice. Rolling them up for storage in a suitable container to minimize space.

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