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How do I choose between round and square diamonds?

black diamond beads in a tray

If you are delving into the enchanting world of diamond embroidery, then you stand at the threshold of embarking on a remarkable journey that will not conclude anytime soon.

You now possess the opportunity to indulge in a creative pursuit that shall bestow hours of pleasure upon you, while allowing the dormant artist within you to find expression.

And the pièce de résistance is that upon completing your canvas, you shall be in possession of an incredible work of art to proudly adorn your abode with!

However, this pales in comparison to the sensation of having fashioned your very own creation, a guarantee of genuine satisfaction. For indeed, anyone can achieve it!

Furthermore, the satisfaction of having crafted it yourself is an added reward!

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Square or round diamonds: what sets them apart?

The decision between these two geometric shapes is crucial in order to fully bask in the benefits that diamond art bestows.

Your choice of gem shape is pivotal, as your level of diamond painting expertise determines the shape you ought to opt for.

Let us explore together the distinct characteristics of each diamond type.

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diamond painting with round diamonds

Round diamonds

  • Effortless and enjoyable

  • Round diamonds are often favored by beginners due to their ease and swiftness in being picked up and placed on the canvas using the applicator pen.

  • Round diamonds are renowned for their more dazzling appearance, particularly on larger canvases.

  • Our 5D diamonds, possessing 15 facets, are cut differently from our competitors'. They are designed to exude more brilliance than any other diamonds available online, as most others possess merely 13 facets. Start by augmenting the facets, and subsequently, elevate the radiance!

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diamond painting with square diamonds

Square diamonds

  • A Perfect Fit

  • Square diamonds snugly interlock, leaving no gaps, and are preferred when crafting sizable canvases.

  • Another aspect that individuals seem to truly relish about square diamonds is the satisfying sound they emit when nearing completion and filling the gaps. The sensation has been likened to that of bubble wrap, which undoubtedly ranks among life's greatest pleasures!

  • Square, it's in vogue!

Discover useful tips for square diamonds.

So, square or round—what is the optimal shape?

With a plethora of unique diamond painting kits to choose from, the possibilities are boundless!

Depending on your skill level, you may wish to opt for the shape that is most user-friendly for you.

As we've observed earlier, round diamonds are simpler to manipulate initially, whereas square diamonds provide a more comprehensive and intricate diamond embroidery, albeit requiring more effort and meticulousness in placement.

The choice is yours!

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