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Diamond painting 3D vs. 5D: unveiling the distinction

a diamond painting created with 5d diamonds

If you harbor an affinity for delving into various crafts and arts, the realm of diamond painting, also known as 3D or 5D diamond painting, might be a realm you'd ardently embrace.

Originating from Asia, this fervor has swiftly disseminated across the globe, acknowledged for its tranquil and gratifying allure that transcends age boundaries.

It entails the utilization of diamond painting kits or crafting mosaics.

Diamond art kits manifest in diverse forms - you may acquire comprehensive diamond painting kits, or alternatively, procure supplies individually and undertake a do-it-yourself assemblage.

These options stand as commendable choices, particularly for novices who have yet to traverse the path of diamond painting.

For those prepared to embark on more ambitious endeavors, the design and execution of a personalized diamond painting project stands as an excellent trajectory.

Amidst this journey, novices might encounter bewilderment regarding the significance and disparities between 3D and 5D kits.

Continuing forward, we will expound upon the disparities between these two categories of kits, elucidating their distinct aspects and indicating which exercise might be most judicious to undertake.

Ab diamond painting


Diamond painting AB - Small giraffe - 50 x 70 cm



diamond-painting-cerf-ab (1)

Diamond painting AB - Scandinavian stag - 50 x 70 cm




Diamond painting AB - Wolf - 50 x 70 cm




AB Diamond

Diamond painting AB - Lotus flower - 50 x 70 cm




AB Diamond

3D diamond painting vs. 5D diamond painting

3D Diamond

3D diamond art entails the affixation of diminutive rhinestones or beads (alternatively referred to as drills) upon a numbered or blank canvas.

These drills approximate dimensions of 2.5 x 2.5 mm.

The composition of 3D diamond embroidery drills comprises 9 facets in total - 3 facets on each side.

5D Diamond

The realm of 5D diamond art engenders the utilization of drills characterized by 5 facets on each side, amounting to a cumulative total of 15 facets.

Consequently, these drills tend to exhibit heightened brilliance due to the augmented facets, thereby endowing greater depth to the final creation.

Discover all the tips for square diamonds.

5d pink rhinestones

Diamond shapes

Two categories of drills exist: round drills and square drills.

Round Drills

Round drills serve as the more straightforward option, well-suited for beginners.

Although they do not bestow an exquisitely shimmering and intricate effect upon project completion, the rounded drill shape is forgiving, alleviating concerns regarding the creation of perfectly straight lines.

rhinestones round orange 5d

Square Drills

Square drills cater to those who have surpassed the nascent stage. These drills necessitate heightened skill and precision, demanding impeccable alignment.

While notably more challenging, the resultant outcome proves exceptionally gratifying.

Find out more about the difference between round and square diamonds.

rhinestones squares multicoloured 5d

Varieties of kits

The spectrum of available kits varies contingent upon project complexity.

Bear these types in mind prior to procuring a kit, thereby ensuring an immersive and fulfilling diamond painting experience.

The comprehensive drill kit encompasses a canvas wherein each color section is denoted by imprinted symbols. The artist consecrates drills to their corresponding symbols throughout the entirety of the canvas.

The culmination of a comprehensive drill kit yields a complete image that stands apart as distinct and original.

Be mindful that this undertaking is a protracted and arduous journey, demanding patience and fortitude, yet the completion of a canvas of such magnitude offers an unparalleled sense of accomplishment!

Diamond painting is a pursuit renowned for its entertainment value and tranquil allure. Irrespective of one's skill level, a fitting canvas and kit are readily available.

The resultant creation is poised to impress and inspire all who have the privilege of beholding it.

It is our sincere hope that you now possess an enhanced comprehension of the disparities between 3D and 5D diamond painting kits, facilitating an informed decision-making process during your forthcoming acquisitions.

You shall discover an extensive array of diamond painting puzzle kits at the Lartera diamond painting emporium.

Embark upon a journey of artistic creation!

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