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The DMC color guide for diamond painting: An indispensable tool to bring your creative projects to life

dmc color guide

The captivating world of diamond embroidery paves the way for creating exquisite works of art using colorful crystals.

Among the key elements of this technique, the DMC color chart plays an essential role in simplifying the identification of shades and structuring your diamond embroidery projects.

In this article, we will delve deep into the realm of the DMC color chart, exploring its origins, its usefulness, and how to integrate it into your diamond embroidery practice.

Origin and significance of the DMC coding system

The DMC coding system, an acronym for Dollfus-Mieg and Company, presents a color numbering system established by the French company DMC since its founding in 1746.

DMC remains a major player in the world of threads for paintings diamond, knitting, and crocheting, and its reputation for quality has firmly established itself over more than two and a half centuries.

Currently, this coding system is widely used in the art of diamond art, providing a standardized way to identify and select crystal hues.

Utility of the DMC color chart in diamond painting

One of the major advantages of using the DMC color chart lies in its extensive range of existing shades.

Rather than introducing an exclusive identification system, the DMC color chart employs numbers corresponding to specific shades, greatly facilitating the task of diamond embroiderers in easily finding crystals that match their projects.

Furthermore, this approach based on generic numbers simplifies the search for additional crystals or their integration into various projects.

The DMC codes used for diamond painting are universal, applicable to all kits.


DMC colour code booklet

Unlock the palette of possibilities: Dive into the brilliance of diamond painting with the DMC color Code guide!


DMC code

The DMC color chart for diamond art

Creating your own DMC color chart is a clever way to keep track of the hues you already possess. Simply affix a diamond of each color onto a sheet and note the corresponding DMC number.

Thus, upon receiving a new diamond embroidery kit, you can easily update your chart with the new shades.

This practical tool assists you in organizing your crystals and ensures the availability of all necessary shades for your future projects.

Moreover, the DMC color chart can also prove useful in comparing crystal shades from other brands that do not utilize the DMC coding system.

With knowledge of the corresponding DMC numbers, you can effortlessly find substitute shades or expand your collection of crystals with products from different brands.

It's important to note that while the DMC color chart ensures great precision in identifying shades, slight variations may occur due to dyeing and manufacturing processes.

Therefore, it's recommended to cross-check crystal batches to ensure accurate alignment with DMC numbers.

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In conclusion, the DMC color chart stands as an essential tool for diamond embroidery enthusiasts. Thanks to its standardized numbering system, it simplifies shade identification and promotes a systematic arrangement of crystals.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist, the DMC color chart will be your steadfast companion in creating stunning diamond embroidery creations.

Feel free to explore the numerous diamond painting kits offered by Lartera, which employ the DMC color chart to provide you with an exceptional creative experience.

Embark on this artistic journey and let your creativity shine through each diamond point!

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