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What are the health benefits of diamond painting?

broderie diamant france lartera

The world at large discovered diamond painting in 2015, and since then, this activity has blossomed into a widely practiced endeavor across the globe.

Today, diamond painting has even found its place among activities encompassed by art therapy sessions, regardless of one's innate artistic aptitude.

Indeed, engaging in diamond art elicits a genuine sense of accomplishment, particularly upon completing a canvas.

This achievement is made possible by the fact that diamond painting constitutes a form of mosaic art, where one takes small resin diamonds and affixes them onto a canvas.

Glittering small resins are delicately applied to a canvas, breathing life into a visual art piece. If you remain hesitant about embarking upon diamond painting, here are a few compelling reasons that might decisively sway you.

Diamond painting significantly enhances concentration

As you lay your gaze upon an untouched diamond painting canvas, you encounter symbols that determine the type and color of the diamonds to be placed.

This initial encounter compels a strategic contemplation on how to best position the diamonds on the canvas.

From the outset, one acquaints oneself with the symbols and their corresponding diamonds, and in a slow, deliberate manner, one eases into a state of mental focus, devoid of any sense of haste.

Subsequently, the moment arrives to set the diamonds upon the canvas, and with every practice session, the symbols on the current canvas are retained in memory.

Gradually and unobtrusively, a high degree of concentration is fostered.

The more one practices, the more facile it becomes to sustain concentration in other aspects of life.

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Diamond painting - Tree of Life - 40 x 50 cm




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Diamond painting - Buddha paint chip - 40 x 50 cm





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Diamond painting AB - The tree and the moon - 50 x 70 cm




AB Diamond

Diamond painting offers precious moments of disconnection

In contemporary times, technology often appears to be unconsciously wielded as a means of personal disconnection, rather than a tool that brings people together.

This usage of technology distances us from the significant individuals in our lives, regrettably.

Moreover, to reconnect with those you hold dear, invite them to partake in your diamond painting sessions.

Such an initiative serves as an excellent way for all participants to spend quality time together and momentarily cast aside the pull of technology.

Once everyone becomes acquainted with the correct techniques, conversations can flow freely and relationships can be forged while arranging the diamonds.

Furthermore, should you desire a few hours of personal disconnection, diamond painting can just as well be done in solitude.

Diamond painting nurtures self-confidence

Diamond painting is both exceedingly accessible and genuinely enjoyable. Notably, no one requires specific skills or supplementary knowledge to engage in this pursuit.

All that is necessary to embark upon this endeavor is dedicating a few minutes to familiarizing oneself with the proper techniques and best practices.

In fact, diamond art cultivates a resurgence of self-assuredness, as it is straightforward to execute and yields a remarkable piece of art that sparkles and evokes pride.

If you choose to embrace this experience, do not hesitate to display your completed creation and allow your family and friends to marvel at it. The compliments from loved ones shall undoubtedly prove gratifying.

Moreover, a significant number of individuals report that they feel an enduring sense of accomplishment upon finishing a diamond painting canvas, thereby attaining a sentiment of profound achievement.

Diamond painting offers a time of relaxation and tranquility

Taking a moment to unwind is of paramount importance; everyone requires an interval of respite from the daily routine to relax.

Diamond art serves as a medium through which you can unwind and focus on bringing a canvas to life.

Through regular practice and gradual progress on a canvas, one experiences serenity.

This peace of mind can be achieved by methodically applying the diamonds one by one, or alternatively, by utilizing a multiple-diamond pen to adorn the chosen canvas.

Consistency is key during the time devoted to diamond painting, irrespective of the method.

To attain tranquility during diamond embroidery, certain individuals even enjoy placing the diamonds according to a particular pattern.

femme heureuse faisant des bulles

Diamond painting imparts joy and excitement

Did you know that in this day and age, it is possible to commission a custom diamond painting canvas based on a photograph of a cherished individual, a group of friends, or family members?

You can also discover an image online and subsequently commission its transformation into a diamond painting kit from a provider. In either case, this prospect is exciting.

Diamond paintings are truly remarkable to behold, as they glisten and bestow happiness upon the creator.

Additionally, they offer a sense of accomplishment.

Those who engage in this art form often eagerly anticipate showcasing their magnificent creations to family members and friends.

This serves as an engaging topic of conversation, injecting variety into discussions.

Discover the differences between diamond art and paint by numbers.

Diamond art enhances fine motor skills

With every stride taken in the realm of diamond painting, one's fine motor skills are enhanced. This development is engendered by the fact that the predominant aspect of this art involves handling diminutive resin diamonds.

It's worth noting that these resin diamonds are approximately 0.25 to 0.28 cm in size. Undoubtedly, the manipulation of such elements necessitates concentration and dexterity.

Moreover, diamond painting contributes to enhancing hand-eye coordination, along with fine motor skills.

The more you partake in diamond painting, the greater the improvement in fine motor skills, as hours of delight and relaxation are spent picking up diamonds using a hollow-tipped stylus and then placing them onto the canvas.

This is precisely why individuals who have suffered strokes often gravitate towards this activity.

Do you know why this art form is appreciated by millions of people? Discover the story behind the invention of diamond painting.

Diamond embroidery alleviates stress and anxiety

We inhabit an exceedingly active world that can be overwhelming, often laden with unreasonable demands on our lives and well-being.

Diamond painting thus provides an avenue for us to sit down and breathe. We can practice it alone or in a small group, and witness stress ebb away as the diamonds gradually find their rightful places on the canvas.

Similar to meditation, diamond painting also detaches our mind from other thoughts, focusing solely on the present moment.

This significantly diminishes overarching anxiety, proving especially effective for those who are less comfortable with more creative art forms.

Individuals beset by anxiety find solace in diamond painting. By uniting breathing exercises with the movements of placing small diamonds, they can swiftly regain calmness, peace, and well-being.

Diamond art isn't the only art form that can bring you therapeutic benefits. Discover other art forms.

Diamond painting heightens dopamine levels in the brain

Dopamine, known as the "feel-good" chemical, is a neurotransmitter produced in the brain that elevates mood. Dopamine also induces feelings of happiness, and research attests that undertaking an artistic project, such as diamond painting, stimulates the production of dopamine in the brain, fostering happiness.

Upon embarking upon a diamond painting endeavor, the mind tends to settle down and focus on the ongoing project.

Subsequently, by methodically piecing together a composition, a soothing rhythm is established. This routine of repeating the same action induces a state of tranquility and meditation.

The notion is that with mindfulness, the mind is directed elsewhere, away from anxiety and/or depression.

This art therapy is not only good for our mental wellbeing - find out why you absolutely must try your hand at diamond painting.

Quality canvas

Diamond painting AB - Lotus flower - 50 x 70 cm

AB Diamond

Calm and soothing, this lotus flower AB diamond painting kit is a real delight to create and display on any of your walls.


Why engage in art therapy?

Art therapy integrates mental health into active artistic creation, the creative process, applied psychological theory, and human experience.

Typically, certified professionals proficient in both therapy and art lead these sessions, suitable for individuals of all ages. Art therapy can be integrated into individual sessions, group therapies, family consultations, or couples' counseling.

One of art therapy's core objectives is to enhance individuals' well-being. It can contribute to improving or reinstating a person's functioning.

Art therapy finds application within educational, medical, and rehabilitation settings, as well as private practices and mental health clinics.

Recently, forms of art therapy can be practiced at home, with diamond painting and therapeutic coloring being a part of this trend.

Discover our collection of spirituality-themed diamond paintings

Whether you're a mandala enthusiast, take pleasure in astrological signs, or lean towards zen themes, our spirituality collection offers a diverse array of diamond paintings tailored to your preferences.

Zodiac signs, lotus flowers, a variety of mandalas, or dream catchers—truly, there's something to cater to your desires within our selection.

These canvases come in various sizes, and for certain options, you can even choose the type of diamond to be used.

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